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Four key insights were identified from the transformational journeys of Frontier Set institutions.

Catalysts that Ignite Transformation

An important step in an institution’s transformation journey is identifying catalysts and their potential impact.

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People Who Accelerate Transformation

The roles and actions needed to accelerate transformation differ by institution, but people are always at the center.

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Models That Sustain Transformation

Institutions must assess their journey to sustain momentum. These are the essential components tested in the institutional transformation framework.

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Prioritizing Equity in Transformation

Institutions adapted to societal and cultural challenges to define and prioritize equity in their strategic planning.

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Make equity a priority established by the Board, championed by the President and cabinet, and embraced by all employees. Hiring, promotion, tenure, and professional development should center on evidence of commitment to equitable outcomes.

Sinclair College

Learn about your students. If you learn who your students really are, you will learn even more about your institution that serves them.

College of Staten Island (CUNY)

Frontier Set

Insights to Act On

Download focused insights and guiding questions on key themes identified throughout the Frontier Set