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What is Institutional Transformation?

What & Why

Transformation is the realignment of an institution’s structures, culture, and their business model to create a student experience that results in dramatic and equitable increases in outcomes and educational value.

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Institutions transform by integrating evidence-based practices that create inclusive and coherent learning environments and leveraging a student-centered mission, catalytic leadership, strategic data use, and strategic finance in a robust continuous improvement process.

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This video shows how the student experience is at the center of an integrated model where an institution’s solutions and operating capacities work together.

Frontier Set


Sharing experiences along the way was key to the work of the Frontier Set. Explore four insights into what causes transformation and how to implement change.

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Catalysts That Ignite Transformation

The factors that set transformation in motion.

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People Who Accelerate Transformation

Everyone has a pivotal role to play in making institutional transformation happen.

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Models That Sustain Transformation

These essential elements work together to sustain transformation.

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Prioritizing Equity in Transformation

Equity must be defined and made an explicit priority to improve student outcomes.

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The first step to transformation is providing opportunities for open dialogue and conversations that are uncomfortable but necessary to truly do the work.

Lorain County Community College

The Frontier Set helped enhance academic advisement, online education, and alternative pathways for developmental education, such as co-requisites and integrated courses at JSU. These transformative approaches were driven by data that helped leadership in strategically driving quality and process improvement campus-wide.

Jackson State University

Frontier Set


Discover additional insights into institutional transformation through case studies, reports, videos, and more.

Case Studies

Real-world analyses of institutional transformation, including how factors such as state performance-based funding and changes in leadership impacted institutions’ journeys.

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Key findings and reflections from the Frontier Set network about how institutional transformation takes place.

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Insights to act on

Insights to Act On is a collection of topical briefs based on the experiences of Frontier Set institutions. Put these insights to work with interdisciplinary teams.

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Frontier Set


The Frontier Set was a select group of colleges, universities, state systems, and supporting organizations committed to transforming how institutions operate by eliminating race, ethnicity, and income as predictors of student success

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